My background

My first marketing role coincided with the bubble and growing excitement about the marketing potential of the internet. Consequently I spent many happy hours updating websites with Microsoft FrontPage and building my understanding of digital marketing. These formative years lay the foundations of a digital marketing obsession.

I held senior marketing roles at Palgrave Macmillan and HarperCollins which helped me develop my marketing and commercial skills, but also gave me an excellent grounding in commercialising content, a skill that is crucial in today’s content-centric internet.

In 2009 I formalised my digital marketing skills with the IDM Diploma in Digital Marketing. I then took on a role as Head of Marketing at Teachers TV, where I switched the marketing mix to 100% digital and managed the transition of the service from a broadcast TV station to an online video-on-demand platform.

Government funding of Teachers TV was withdrawn in 2011 and I had the prompt I needed to start my own business.

What I do now

Since 2011 I have worked for a wide range of clients, helping them to improve the value that they get from their websites. My main focus is on search engine optimisation (SEO), often paired with paid search and conversion rate optimisation projects. The increasing complexity of search engine algorithms means that there is no longer a way to trick the search engines. The only way to do well in search is to create technically optimised sites, providing good quality content and an excellent user experience. This is what I can help you achieve.

If you’re looking to improve the return you get from your website I’d be delighted to help. Get in touch and I’ll be happy to review your site, benchmark you against your competitors and suggest a plan of action.


Clare Chaney

 “Nathan is a great person to have around, he certainly knows how to maximise your digital budget. I highly recommend him and his service.”

Clare Chaney, The Alternative Board